God will make a way, even where there seems to be no way.

Thank you to all of you out there who have understood our vision for Faith threads, and are repping the gospel truth.

As newly established business owners, we are learning on the go and having to tear down walls and make our way through the dessert.

This actually can be called our exodus story. As we all know in the Bible, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt and into the promise Land. Along the way, God showed his power by providing food, the pillar of cloud and fire, and the 10 commandments.

But when we come to the parting of the red sea, most of us just see it as God creating a way for the Israelites to cross, and a Miracle. But actually, have you ever asked the question, why did he not just lead them around the red sea? Yes yes... to show his power and might, we get that... But he had already shown and been showing it since before the red sea (think plague of locust and blood in the water...).

So, if the Israelites already knew Gods might, why then did he take them to a Sea and then Part it?

Well, we believe that he wanted to show that “He can make a way where there seems to be no way”. He needed to show the Israelites, that along with saving you, providing for you and caring for you, he can actually carve out a way just for you to pass through your situation. And even when all hope is lost and the enemy and your situation is chasing behind you as you seeming face a dead end, God will still make a way through it..

Notice I said through it.. Not over it, not under it, not beside it, but through it…

This is what our Exodus story is about since we launched, God has just been making waves for us. Has it been easy...? Ermm NOPE… has it looked hopeless and way too much stress sometimes... YES, Have we made billions or a dent in our finances (ha-ha..  NOPE).

But we know we serve a living GOD, who gave us these tools, who matured these skills in us to lead us on this path. And the same GOD who did all that, will definitely part the RED sea stalling the progress of Faith Threads. And as we go through the hoops, ups and downs, highs and lows, we know we have a God who shows up on time all the time.

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