"This is the gospel—the law condemned us, but the blood of Jesus redeemed us!"

Now what does that mean? Well have you looked at, or read the Law of Moses recently (aka 10 commandments and the Laws of Living)? Well if you haven't, you might want to read Exodus 21-25 😉.  Now if you have, can you hand on heart tell me you haven't broken anyone of them in just today alone?

Trust me absolutely 💯 percent of us have broken the law of moses 10 ways till Sunday. Which means really, we deserve God's punishment for sin, which is death.

However, remember Jesus came so we may have life and have it more abundantly. Which was fulfilled through his death. Of which, he has inturn given us a way of escape from the penalty of sin which is death. Which is why he says, if anyone is in me, he is a new creature. All things have passed away and all thing have become new. He came so we may have life. Not life as we know it on earth but eternal life at the end of this earthly life, and not eternal domination. If anyone believes in Christ and repents of their sins, then we now abide in Christ.

God sent Jesus at the perfect time. This serves as a reminder that God is never too late.  God is not slow to fulfill his promises and we can trust his timing. 

Jesus made it possible for us to become members of God's family—a family fathered by a perfect father. Jesus was sent so that we can become members of a family redeemed from the curse and condemnation of the law. This is good news!

Rejoice, you have been adopted into God's family!