Mark 16:15

"And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature".

"But clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ. Forget about satisfying your sinful self."
Romans 13:14

About the Brand

Faith x Threads is Christian Apparel clothing brand whose aim is to share and spread the Love and Word of God to the world through casual street wear Fashion. 

We want our clothes to stir up conversations, and have a strong visual impact on anyone who comes across it. Our brand seeks to use quality materials and authentic messaging for our clothing as a means to stir one’s affections for God. For us, it’s not just about ink meeting fabric, but the message it communicates.


What does Faith X Threads mean?

Faith x Threads stands for: our Faith in Christ in our daily lives, work and walk, that is represented and shared by every message on our clothing, accessories, to our words for today. The second are our Threads, that are carefully sourced for quality in look and fabric choices.

Who are We?

Faith x Threads was founded and considered a ministry by two sister, named

Temitayo and Temilola. FXT, as its also called, was created as a way 

to fulfill the mandate from God, which is to preach the good news to the world. They wanted to do this in a way that rang true to who they were as people, as well as re-invent the way the gospel is shared in the world we live in today. As lets face it, we as people are the Church, not the brick and mortar that we gather in on Sundays. And in order to spread the good news daily, what better way to do this, than by our clothes, as they are something we never leave our homes without, and is seen by every one we come across. We as Christians want to be proud of our faith and belief, but also want our clothes to appeal to any person.


What influences our collections?

We have a very obvious street wear vibe, that encourages people to live their christian lives out loud unapologetically, as well as wear comfortable, quality clothing that lasts. We consider our clothing as life wear, as they integrate very well into our daily lives.

What sets us apart?

We understand that people shop more by their personalities than anything else, and as some Christians may not be comfortable or know how to strike up a conversation with friends and strangers about Christ, our pieces are attractive, of great quality and comfort, that they naturally compel people to come to you and find out what or where they are from.

We also spend time sourcing our products, to ensure they are of good quality that will help you feel confident in wearing them. Each items design, is also carefully considers to sustain our creative and street wear edge, while at the same time, being able to fit into any style and wardrobe. We are not about fast fashion, but about upholding your faith and sharing it through garments that can bless everyone around you.


 We are heirs of the Father, we are joint heirs with the son, we are children of the kingdom, we are family, we are Faith X Threads.