TRUST GOD Black Camo mini backpack
TRUST GOD Black Camo mini backpack
TRUST GOD Black Camo mini backpack

TRUST GOD Black Camo mini backpack

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what have you got to lose in trusting God? How does Prayer change your life?

Trust is important because it is the basis around which all human relationships revolve. Essentially Trust is loyalty.

Remember that God never promised to shield you from difficulties. He only promises to be with you—if you want that. Being angry and blaming God won’t help you to get through the valley. Asking him to be with you can help you endure far more than you’d ever be able to on your own. You may wonder how to pray. Just speak, trusting God will hear you. Pray for his comfort and strength, rather than praying that he’d simply remove difficulties. You will grow in faith and courage if you pray this way.

God answers every prayer, but he does not always answer “yes.” Sometimes, he says “no” or “wait.” Be happy when things go well, enjoy each day and look for the good in it, but let go of feeling entitled to a problem-free life. We have free will to choose to do good or bad, and so does everyone else in the world. So sometimes, bad things happen. Sometimes, we do not get what we want—because what we want would actually not be good for us. Remember that God knows more than you do. Remind yourself that God has your best interests in mind and loves you.

So... Trust God and Pray More

This camo mini backpack keeps essentials close at hand during your workout with multiple pockets and convenient adjustable straps. It makes going to the gym ready, soooo much more convenient.


100% Polyester



Attractive print. Adjustable arm straps. Chrome strap loops, strap clasps and adjusters. Front zip pocket and hidden zip fastening on the top.

Washing Instructions
Wipe clean only

TRUST GOD Black Camo mini backpack