Womens FAITH+ACTION double strap back vest (Black Melange)

Womens FAITH+ACTION double strap back vest (Black Melange)

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Faith is essential to salvation. It is what saves us and what God gives us in order to be able to see Him more clearly. However, He is clear that having faith is just the beginning. Faith is the precursor to action. Faith causes you to change. The world will believe based on what you DO. Jesus shows us that. Your faith is truly living when it is shown through action. In fact, James 2 goes as far as to say that “without works (evidence), your faith is dead.”
It is important to realize that your works (what you do) do not save you. But it is evidence to all those around you that you mean what you say. If you are always saying how “God is love so God loves everybody,” but then you are known for your gossip and the harsh way you treat people, no one is going to want to get to know your God. In fact, Jesus told us in James that the world would know Him by the way that we love each other. That is a big responsibility. You are the representation of God to all the people in your life.

This double strap back vest is engineered to help keep you cool and comfortable as you kick up your run. A strappy design lends a breezy, open feel, while the slim fit follows your body's shape closely to help keep you feeling focused and moving freely.

  • Enhanced wicking fabric helps keep you dry and comfortable
  • Slight hi low hem
  • Contrast double trap on back
  • Open back with a slight stretch


    100% Polyester